The Way I FeelHands OnStraight and Smooth 2004Joyful 2002The Power of Touch 1997Rhythm Stories 1993Secret Island 1992Piano Magic 1991The Journey 1990IVORY DREAMS 1989Night Breeze 1985Night Fire 1979New Warrior 1978The Genie - 1977

1.   THE WAY I FEEL – 2013, Available on CDBaby and iTunes
2.   HANDS ON – 2006, Available on and iTunes
3.   STRAIGHT AND SMOOTH – 2004, Available on
4.   JOYFUL – 2002, Available at and
5.   POWER OF TOUCH – 1997, Available on
6.   RHYTHM STORIES – 1993, Available at
7.   SECRET ISLAND – 1992, Available at
8.   PIANO MAGIC – 1991, Available on
9.   THE JOURNEY – 1990, Available at
10. IVORY DEAMS – 1989, Available at and
11. NIGHT BREEZE – 1985
12. NIGHT FIRE – 1979, Available at
13. NEW WARRIOR – 1978, Available at
14. THE GENIE – 1977, Available at


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  1. Troy DuBose - February 3, 2015 at 4:31 am Reply

    Congratulations my friend the website is sweet your designer did a great job I learned something today and that is I don’t own all of your CDs I’m missing a few the ones from the early years keep up the good work my brother George Duke and Joe Sample would be proud

  2. Tawana Hawkins - April 7, 2016 at 10:53 pm Reply

    Hi Bobby!! I am currently listening to Rhythm Stories and went to your Facebook page to see if perhaps there was a new project!! I am a huge fan and elated to know, there is indeed one!! I love your website!!! I will be downloading your new project immediately!!! You’re an incredible artist!! May God RICHLY bless you and your future endeavors!!!

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